Tattoo ticket

25.00 On Sale


Want to get one of my drawings/quotes on your body? I do not tattoo but if you want to tattoo one of my drawings and compensate me for the creative work that you will use on your body, this is the little fee I ask for. Of course, you can always do it without asking for my permission and if you don’t have the extra money to compensate me, I will not stay mad. In case you do have the money and decide not to pay for my creative work, I will not stay mad with you but maybe cats will start biting you for no reason. On the other hand, If you choose to compensate me, you’re the best and I hope many cats will purr on you. Thank you so much for choosing my art and paying for it. Because of that I can continue to create more stuff for you. 🖤

Again, I do not tattoo. This ticket is only to compensate me for the creative work. To get the job done, you will still have to hire by yourself a professional tattoo artist.

I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations for this purchase.